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Valutec is designed to give companies of all sizes the tools for faster growth with the support to nurture your business as you need it. As the top-tier package, Loyalty Plus is designed to maximize your digital marketing to exceed customer expectations and increase your bottom line.

Loyalty Plus Package

The height of loyalty marketing management.

The premium Loyalty Plus package provides the advanced tools and features to help maximize your customer reach. Combining the features of the Essential Gift and Digital Gift Plus packages, Loyalty Plus adds a robust customer data management platform and loyalty program options that help elevate the way you market to and communicate with your customers.

Loyalty Plus delivers a premium program to aid in improving customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention. By combining the physical and digital experience with the ability to create programs unique to the customer, Loyalty Plus puts you at the pinnacle of customer loyalty potential.

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Recognize Loyalty

Identify your loyal customers by capturing their contact and demographic information. Potentially use this information to run targeted marketing campaigns for top customers including custom greetings and promotions for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Close To Their Carts

Using transaction history, view customer segments and create targeted promotions designed to drive profitable purchasing behaviors.

Motivation Is Key

Prompting customers to use their loyalty cards helps track and promote relevant offers based on their purchase behaviors.

A Rewarding Experience

Reward customers’ purchases with an emphasis on the spending that has the most profitable results for your business.

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Card and Merchandise Catalog

Merchants can create a portfolio of card styles by choosing from a variety of standard gift cards and holders or opting to customize them with specific designs and branding. Your card, your choices – which include:

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Other Options

Essential Gift Package

Build your program with sophisticated gift and rewards components designed to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue. Using gift and cashback rewards, the Essential Gift package includes tools to help get your gift program off the ground.

Digital Gift Plus Package

Get digital reach designed for a greater customer experience. Provide customers a branded website to buy and send both digital and physical cards, giving the customer an easy digital gift card buying experience.