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The Valutec platform enables you to choose the package that's right for you today and the one that will grow with you as your business grows. Essential Gift can give you everything you need to get your gift and rewards program started while planning tomorrow’s achievements.

Essential Gift Package

Your unique gift card program from start to finish.

As your foundation for growing a competitive gift card program, Valutec is a premier gift card provider that helps businesses of all sizes with tailored, dependable support for all gift processing needs.

Essential Gift helps to build your program with sophisticated gift and rewards components designed to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue. Using gift and cashback rewards, the Essential Gift package includes tools to help get your gift program off the ground.

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Gift Card Processing

Valutec is a premier gift card provider that supports businesses of all sizes with tailored, dependable support for all gift processing needs.

  • Load simply on location
  • Easily migrate from current gift card program and transfer existing gift cards
  • Enable reconciliation for multi-location merchants
  • Set up fulfillment services if needed
Cashback Rewards

Set a cashback reward for customers every time they use their gift card to purchase, reload or both. The cashback reward can be automatically added to the customer’s gift card to use on future purchases. Cashback rewards create consumer loyalty, encouraging repeat business.

Card Reload

Cardholders can elect to auto or manually reload their card balances. Elevate your gift cards to a prepaid card solution for your customers.

Card Registration

Customers can register their cards online, which can be replaced if lost or stolen.

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Card and Merchandise Catalog

Merchants can create a portfolio of card styles by choosing from a variety of standard gift cards and holders or opting to customize them with specific designs and branding. Your cards are up to you – and your options include:

Download Merchandise Catalog

Other Options

Digital Gift Plus Package

Get digital reach designed for a greater customer experience. Provide customers a branded website to buy and send both digital and physical cards, giving the customer an easy digital gift card buying experience.


Help improve customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention. When you combine the physical and digital experience with the ability to create programs unique to the customer, you’ll be at the pinnacle of customer loyalty potential.