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Ready to optimize your gift program for digital, enabling you to promote and sell online? Digital Gift Plus takes you to that next level. The Valutec platform offers the scale and flexibility to help take your store beyond business-as-usual.

Digital Gift Plus Package

Grow a next-level program with digital gift cards and digital marketing sophistication.

The Digital Gift Plus package includes and builds on the foundation of the Essential Gift package. Expanding your gift program online to engage with customers in multiple ways, the elements of Digital Gift Plus aid in maximizing online presence for a complete digital gifting experience.

With the Digital Gift Plus platform, a custom and branded gift card website can offer your customers both digital and physical gift cards. This site connects to your e-commerce payment gateway for a convenient gift card purchasing experience.

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Gift Website

Build a customized and branded gift card website to help provide flexibility in delivering an online gifting experience to your customers. This website is embedded into your existing e-commerce site. This site can help provide an advanced digital security and fraud management transaction for your payments.

Mobile Pass / Contactless Payment

Customers can store their gift cards in their mobile wallets. It’s a contactless payment option for gift cards that is simple to use, making this a preferred payment method.

Social Media Engagement Gifts

Customer recommendations go a long way in attracting new business. Create new connections selling gifts and promos through your social media pages. Send a promotional digital gift card via a unique SMS short code or QR code for your business to share.

Cards (Digital or Physical) and Merchandise

Create a variety of card styles – both physical and digital. With concierge design services available for your convenience, you can create an assortment of different cards to offer your customers in-store and online. Valutec also offers a variety of display and promotional materials with which to advertise your gift card program.

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Card and Merchandise Catalog

Merchants can create a portfolio of card styles by choosing from a variety of standard gift cards and holders or opting to customize them with specific designs and branding.
Your cards are up to you – and your options include:

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Other Options

Essential Gift Package

Build your program with sophisticated gift and rewards components designed to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue. Using gift and cashback rewards, the Essential Gift package includes tools to help get your gift program off the ground.

Loyalty Plus Package

Help improve customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention. By combining the physical and digital experience with the ability to create programs unique to the customer, you’ll be at the pinnacle of customer loyalty potential.