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  • Paper gift certificates can potentially be more susceptible to theft and fraud, requiring merchants’ protection and diligence. This can also make it more difficult for customers to know a gift program is available. With plastic cards that are enabled at the time of sale, merchants can display them prominently to help further increase sales.
  • Additionally, having a gift system like Valutec allows customers to save their gift cards to their mobile wallets and reload them if the merchant has enabled those features.

  • Valutec is integrated with over 1,000 POS systems, making setup quick and easy. If you don’t have a POS system or your POS isn’t integrated to Valutec, we offer stand-alone terminals with which to operate your Valutec gift card program. Contact a Valutec Sales Executive to learn more.

  • Yes! With concierge support from our in-house design team, we can customize your gift cards and merchandise with your logo and other preferences to further enhance your branding. We have a wide selection of card designs and merchandise options for your business.

  • Gift card programs can increase foot traffic in the store by introducing new customers to your business and encouraging repeat customers. When customers redeem gift cards, their purchases might end up exceeding the gift card amount, which drives additional revenue.
  • Gift cards can also be used as a promotional tool to invite people into your business. Social media is a great platform to advertise your gift cards.
  • Not all gift cards sold are redeemed by the receiver. This unredeemed or “breakage” revenue goes directly to your bottom line. According to Valutec 2019 data, merchants average $10,000 in additional “breakage” revenue per year.
  • If you have digital gift cards enabled – especially with a reloadable digital gift card – you have the opportunity to connect with gift givers and receivers in a new way and with multiple touch-points. Recipients may visit your website to purchase gift cards, check the balance, reload the card, see what’s on sale, check store hours and more. If the gift card is also tied to a loyalty program, you can reward customers with each visit, purchase and reload. Rewards, tailored to customers’ buying habits, can lead to repeat business and brand fans.
  • When you combine a gift card program with a loyalty program, you further encourage and reward brand loyalty, creating increased stickiness.

  • Valutec can accommodate conversions from most other gift card programs without requiring the purchase of additional cards. As part of the initial consultation, your Valutec Sales Executive will request that you provide a few gift cards so we can test compatibility.

  • Yes! Valutec offers digital options that include the creation of a merchant branded website where customers can purchase digital or physical gift cards. This website can be integrated into your business’ existing e-commerce site. These features are included in the Digital Gift Plus and Loyalty Plus packages or can be added on a la carte to the Essential Gift package.

  • Valutec charges merchants a monthly fee based on the package selected. This includes unlimited transactions.
  • If you enable online gift card sales, there is a fulfillment fee assessed each time a card is purchased. Most often, businesses choose to pass this small fee onto the customer. Contact a Valutec Sales Executive to learn more.

  • If this is your first gift card program, we can typically have you up and running within two to three weeks.
  • For merchants with existing gift card programs, the process can take a few more weeks to test compatibility and schedule your card conversion.


If you’re ready to get started with a new, easy gift and rewards program, enhancing your program for digital online sales and maximizing its value with sophisticated data marketing (or just want to learn more), fill out the form below. We’re ready to help.

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